Don’t fall for this money SCAM!

I have a quick question for you and it has to do with money…

Are you aware of the biggest SCAM out there and have you fallen for this?

You may be wondering what I am talking about.  Well the biggest scam that I am referring to is called a JOB.  Yes that’s right.  Every year people spend the best hours, days, weeks and months working at their jobs only to find at the end they are not able to retire like they thought they could.

Why is that?  For one, jobs traditionally do not keep pace with inflation and taxation.  What that means is every year the cost of living goes up but your pay increase is not keep pace and people wonder why it keeps getting harder and harder to keep their same lifestyle year after year.

Secondly, a job falls into the 40/40 plan.  All over the world you see people working 40 hours a week for 40 years expecting to be able to retire at the end of their career.  Now that may have been possible 80 years ago where a husband could work in a career and support his stay at home wife, have two cars and take a 2 week family vacation/trip every year, send their kids to college and retire comfortably.  Today that doesn’t exist.  In fact, most families are dual income, meaning both husband and wife work full-time jobs with many of them having to work additional part-time jobs just to get by.

Watch my viral video as I go into this in detail and explain the solution that I found that allowed me to Escape The Rat Race and live a Free life.

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