Who Is Ray Kakuda?

Perhaps you have seen some videos on the internet, Facebook, Youtube or other social media about Ray Kakuda and an online marketing system.  I also get many messages and emails asking me questions about what my online training is about and how they can get involved.

I am writing this article to clear up some of the questions that you may have and put to rest those “Haters” out there that have attempted to defame me, my family and business.  Read this entire article till the end to you can get the entire story.

Let me start by giving you some back story about what my background is and how I became a successful online marketer who is helping many people around the world to get started with their own internet marketing business.

I was born and raised in Hawaii and came from humble beginnings.  I grew up in a conservative family.  My father was a school teacher and my mother worked for the State of Hawaii and City and County of Honolulu.  Perhaps like you I remember being told, “Go to school and get a GOOD education and get a GOOD job” and I would be successful.  If you did and tried to follow that advice you most likely found yourself in a situation later in life feeling like something was missing.

After proudly serving in the US Army I started my career as a professional sales person in the wireless telecom industry.  I climbed the corporate ladder for over 25 years and eventually found myself in the corner office, a nice 6-Figure salary, a ton of responsibility and little to no time to spend with my family.  From the outside looking in it looked like I had made it BIG.  Big 5,000 square foot home on the ridge on the east side of Oahu over looking the Pacific Ocean.  Luxury cars in the driveway in a gated community but I was living in pain.  In fact I was working 15 hours/day 7 days a week and quickly became a part-time father and a distant husband.  I felt like a FAILURE!

I couldn’t see myself working that schedule for the next 20-30 years of my life and ending up a statistic.  I had the yearning desire to be my own boss so I left the corporate jungle and started my own brick and mortar businesses.  With retail locations in a number of shopping malls across the state I made a drastic discover… those businesses that I opened up to own ended up owning me!  Yes I was stuck in the same Rat Race again.

Then it happened…

As I was scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed I came across a video and a link.  I clicked on the link, entered my name and email address and what I saw forever changed my life.  I saw ordinary people just like myself who were earning thousands of dollars online but didn’t have to work the crazy hours like I assumed that was required.  That was the start of my Internet Marketing career.  I dove into the training and from there the rest is history.

Over the last few years I have purchased literally tens of thousands of dollars in online training courses.  I tried affiliate businesses and even building hundreds of my own sales funnels but was never able to breakthrough.

Along the way I was able to “Crack the code” and create a system where ordinary people could start an online business and generate more money working 10-15 hours a week than others working 40-60 hours a week.  This has been a Game Changer and I am excited to have connected with thousands of people around the world.

If you would like to learn more about what I do and how this system could help you breakthrough to living a life where you have freedom of choice I encourage you to connect with me here: http://lefttheratrace.com/usa/

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