The Three C’s Of Online Marketing. Create Traffic, Capture Leads and Convert Sales…

There’s one way you can guarantee you will move your business to the next level with online marketing or with any marketing, right now. No matter what your business offers, where you are located, or if you even have a physical location at all. When I say one change, what I mean is simply shifting your focus to 3 simple steps which will skyrocket your exposure in the online arena or physical location. By now, I am sure at least part of you is a little curious about what I mean, so let me explain.

The 3 C’s of Online Marketing is a set of steps which is useful to business owners at any level and can be implemented immediately upon finishing this article. The first step seems obvious to some, but you would be amazed at how many people miss this most important and key element in increasing profits. The first “C” is so easy to understand, but sometimes difficult to achieve at first.

Your business must Create Traffic. That’s right. Bring people to you. Sounds simple right? Not always. Any successful business owner understands that without customers and clients, they would have no business at all! Even if it seems obvious, take a look at your own strategies to bring customers to you. Are you leaving it up to chance, or chasing them down? You want people to find you when they want you and most of all you must Create Traffic to your business to increase your profits. The ways you can use the internet to advertise your business are too many to list here, but if you are interested in learning more about this first “C” of Online Marketing, click here

The second “C” is maybe a little less obvious to some, but it is one of the most important changes you should make immediately and focus your efforts on learning how to expand this “C” in the future. It’s all well and good for you to have lots of customers in and out of your store or website, but keeping in touch with these people is crucial. Capturing leads, the second “C”, is something you should be doing with your current customers, like getting an email address and first name at least. This way you can keep in touch, ask them how they are enjoying your products and / or services, and also share with them future offers from your business. The really exciting aspect of this “C” though, is that you can also do this with people who haven’t bought a single thing from you and have never entered your store or been on your website. You can ask them to opt in to a mailing list for future offers, offer a discount on services in exchange for signing up for your newsletter, give away free training or information… there are tons of ways you can use the second “C” of Capturing Leads to propel you into amazing profits! The best part is that you can begin to build a relationship between your business and your customers. By sharing updates and sales with them, your customers feel really special! If you can master the art of this “C” you are well on your way to a super successful advertising strategy!

The third “C” is back to sounding obvious, but you would be shocked to know that many businesses put little or no emphasis on the importance of the third and final “C” in my system. This is the one thing that every business is set up to achieve, yet sometimes, it’s more like an awkward afterthought! Let me ask you this… Have you ever been to a store and you literally could not find one single employee to help you with your purchase? Maybe you had a question about the services, or maybe you were in a big hurry and wanted something emailed to you, but there wasn’t anyone there to take your information? Maybe… you were waiting at the cash register to pay and there wasn’t anyone there to take your money so you leave. This is way more common than it should be, and online businesses need to be extra careful not to miss out on the last “C” because they are going to be less involved personally with each sale. By not practicing the third “C” you are essentially letting all your potential customers walk out without being able to buy anything. The third “C” is the art of Converting Sales. If you aren’t putting any focus into this strategy, then what is the point of running your business? Right? You have to Convert Sales or the first two “C’s” don’t add up to anything.

Let’s put it this way. You can spend all the time you want driving tons of people to your site or store (Create Traffic) and you could get basic contact information from each one of them (Capture Leads) but if you stop there, you have wasted everyone’s time! You have to take the time to Convert the Sale. You need to be clear about what you offer, and offer them the chance to buy. The more often you do this, the more likely you are to Convert Sales from your traffic and leads.

Now, this is clearly a very basic snapshot of the system, and with this information alone, you could go off and accelerate your income almost as much as you want, if you will only focus on these 3 C’s of Online Marketing, which are really the underlying concepts behind any successful marketing campaign.

For more detailed information on how to implement this Simple System into your business advertising structure, or even how to start a business from the ground up, click here and get a seat at one of my Free Live Training Webinars where I explain these concepts and more with a live chat room for you to get your questions answered. Make sure you bookmark my blog because you don’t want to miss what I have coming for you guys in the near future!

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